What your Doctor is NOT telling you about your pain?

Let's face it, you are sick of being in Pain. 
It is affecting your mood, your marriage, you social life, and your overall life.  

We are supposed to have some of the most advanced medical practices in the world but yet we can't get people out of pain without high dose, addictive pain killers.  

So what has no one told you about your pain?
  • It's just pain: No one is asking about your diet, your stress level, your brain, your gut, or any other system that is known [by rigorous research] to cause pain.
  • If it get's bad enough, you just need surgery: Surgery [especially back surgery] has a 98% fail rate.  So then what?
  • You just need pain management: Also known as, expensive band-aids that eventually stop working but potentially create a dependency. Great deal.

So what do we have to offer?

A Full-Body Comprehensive Approach to Physical Pain 
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Our approach offers an array of solutions to pain [you probably had no idea that there are this many ways to deal with pain]
  • Sound Wave Therapy
  • Full-Spine Chiropractic 
  • ​Neurological Chiropractic using Brain Entrainment
  • ​Extremity Adjusting 
  • Muscle Work 
  • ​Guasha
  • ​Foundation Training 
  • ​Cold Laser Therapy
  • ​Cupping
A full-body approach to decreasing pain and increasing function by realigning the joints of the spine and extremities (knees, shoulders, feet), eliminating tension with muscle release therapy, and restoring proper function with rehabilitation and cold laser therapy.
The IWG Approach can help...
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Concussion/TBI
  • ​Other types of Head Injury
  • ​TMJ/Jaw Problems
  • Shoulder Dysfunction
  • Tennis Elbow/Golfer's Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • ​Rib Cage Injuries 
  • ​Whiplash
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging Discs
  • ​Arthritis 
  • ​Spinal Stenosis 
  • Ankle Problems
  • ​SI Joint Issues 
  • ​Balance + Coordination Issues
  • Knee Dysfunction
  • ​​Osgood Schlatter's ​
Meet Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil is a Functional and Integrative practitioner focusing on physical health, emotional well-being, chiropractic, foundation training and craniosacral therapy. 

Dr. Phil has advanced certifications in chiropractic, foundation training, and craniosacral therapy.

IWG Chiropractic 
A full body approach to decreasing pain and increasing function by re-aligning the joints of the spine and extremities (knees, shoulders, feet), eliminating tension with muscle release therapy, and restoring proper function with rehabilitation and cold laser therapy.
Neurological Chiropractic
A full body chiropractic approach combined with Functional Neurology Exercises and Brain Entrainment.  The brain entrainment device stimulates the visual and auditory system while the body work is being done.  This allows the body to talk the brain and vice-versa.
Sound Wave Therapy
A non-surgical approach to healing soft tissue and breaking down scar tissue from injury or repetitive stress.  The sound waves penetrate the tissue even in dense areas like the glutes, IT band, shoulders, and back muscles. 

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IWG is always striving to get to the root cause of your pain or joint issues
Our doctors are trained in a variety of difference techniques to help get to the root of your pain.  If necessary, our doctors will request x-rays or blood work for dysfunction and/or inflammation.  

We also have a variety of adjunct therapies to assist in recovering in pain such as infrared sauna, craniosacral therapy, and foundation training. 
"After leaving your facility this morning I stopped at my sister's to pick up our gear and puppy. I noticed that I was able to go up the front stairs on my left leg, without pulling myself up with my arms. Just a day before I had to push up step by step with my right leg. This left leg stepping success was repeated later today when visiting friends mid-way in our return trip, and then this evening upon arrival home, coming in from the garage and when taking the puppy for a walk.

I have been rather perplexed since losing this left leg strength function in December that I couldn't get up stairs, even with doing regular exercise machines that I would think would have both legs of equal strength. Every day I would actually test the left leg, and I could not even come close to pushing myself up. This deterioration was of considerable concern. This is BIG, like turning on a light switch, fixed."
Getting Started
Initial Visit
  • Physical Exam: Dr. Phil will evaluate the whole body from head to toe including the structural and muscular system.
  • Sound Wave Therapy: An effective therapy that breaks down scar tissues and adhesions while reducing pain within minutes.
  • Muscle Work: Active muscle work that release abnormal muscle patterns.
Follow Up Visit
  • Report of Findings: Review of the physical exam and root cause to the pain or dysfunction.  A review of any future care.
  • ​First Adjustment: You will experience a full body adjustment with muscle work
  • Sound Wave Therapy: 2nd sound wave session to breakdown scar tissue in the area of dysfunction.
You Deserve a Better Doctor.  It's time for better healthcare.
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