The 21 Day Cleanse
Did you know that most of us are holding onto 25 lbs of inflammation [not fat tissue]?

So... You're Not Fat, You're Toxic

It’s unfortunate, in the world we live in today, how we can be exposed to so many toxins. Toxins from pesticides, herbicides, plastics, heavy metals, mold, and personal hygiene products. 

Over time exposure to toxins can congest our detox pathways including the lymphatic system. This congestion can create tremendous stress for many of our vital organs. In addition, we will see unwarranted weight gain and feel overall puffy and inflamed. The art of detox is so important in assisting the body’s natural elimination processes.
  • Pesticides
  • ​Herbicides
  • ​Personal Products containing Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol
  • ​Antiperspirant
  • ​Heavy Metals 
  • ​Dry Cleaning Agents
  • ​Cleaning Products
  • ​Mold from Water Damaged Buildings
  • ​Plastics 
  • ​So much more...

Our Recent Podcast by Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick

You're Not Fat, You're Toxic
Listen to Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole's most recent podcast on how toxicity plays a role in inflammation and weight gain. 
An organic, whole food detoxification program to support a healthy weight, blood sugar, gastrointestinal health, and energy levels using gentle supplementation and a whole-food meal plan.
  • Group Support
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • ​Customized Smoothie recipes
  • ​Customized Recipes 
  • ​Weekly Virtual Meetings with Grace
  • ​Smoothie Powders and Supplements Provided
  • ​Infrared Saunas and Detox Foot Baths in our Upgraded Cleanse
Meet Grace
Your IWG Cleanse Host
Grace is the head nutritionist at IWG, where she customizes dietary plans according to the individuals results and their lifestyle.  She works side by side with Dr. Nicole to provide an elevated nutritional experience to their patients.
Why Cleanse?
The lymphatic system is the body’s inner drainage system and a critical part of detox that is often ignored. The lymphatic system, along with the immune system, functions to protect the body from outside threats such as infections, viruses, and bacteria. When the lymphatic system becomes congested over time it is not able to function optimally and protect the body from foreign invaders. The inability to sweat, varicose veins, edema, and a distended abdomen are all indications of a congested lymphatic system.
We tend to hold on to 10-25lbs of inflammation (excess weight) that are due to toxins.
The cleanse consists of a combination of supplements, smoothies, and dietary recommendations.
DAYS 1-3
Delicious smoothies, soups, and supplements
DAYS 4-10
Plant-based diet, smoothies, and supplements
DAYS 11-21
Add lean proteins to your diet under the supervision of IWG’s clinical nutritionist.

We offer an upgraded 21 Day cleanse that includes detox services such as infrared sauna and ionized foot baths to enhance your results. The detox services are a must if you are someone who has joint inflammation, varicose veins, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and difficulty sweating.

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