The Integrative Assessment 

Let's face it, healthcare needs a facelift.

...and you deserve a team of practitioners that manage your case. 
This program is great for someone who good health and is looking for a holistic and comprehensive approach to healthcare.  The Integrative Assessment works with patients that want a solution to...
  • Thyroid Issues or Hormonal Imbalance
  • Weight Loss 
  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • ​Mild Gastrointestinal Issues 
  • ​Mild Food Allergies 
  • ​Mild Headaches 
It's perfect for those looking to solidify their path to health with an Integrative Medicine evaluation, complete with essential lab tests. This can be done in-office or virtually. For those with a chronic illness, or pre-existing condition(s), please check out our Functional Medicine Intensive Program.
  • Work with an IWG Health Coach and Nutritionist
  • ​Health Coaching and Nutritional Support: You will be assigned a team of practitioners including a health coach and nutritionist.
  • ​Comprehensive Blood Work: Our in-house phlebotomist will run blood through your in-network insurance.
  • ​DNA Based Testing: Leveraging advanced testing to understand your health puzzle
  • ​​Food and Environmental Testing: determining what your body is reacting to.
  • ​​Autonomic Response Testing: We don't guess, we Test. Any dietary, supplement, or detox therapies will be determined by our custom testing. 
  • ​Personalized Supplement Plan and Dietary approach
This program is perfect for...
  • Primary Care 
  • ​Disease Prevention 
  • ​Thyroid Conditions
  • ​Mild Headaches 
  • Mild Brain Fog
  • ​Chronic Fatigue 
  • ​Mild sleep issues 
  • ​Metabolic Issues
  • Nutritional Support 
  • ​Vitamin Deficiencies 
  • ​Mild Inflammatory conditions 
  • ​Weight Loss 
  • Non-complicated hormone imbalance 
  • ​Mild gut complaints 
  • ​Mild Food allergies 
Meet Jess
Jess is a Functional and Integrative Health Coach helping people to create a balanced lifestyle to attain better health.  She is truly honored to be help people take control of their health using the amazing tools at IWG.  

She works side by side with Grace, the IWG nutritionist, to personalized your primary care experience within the Integrative Assessment program. 
Basic Blood Work
Evaluating for nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and pathology.
Your blood will be drawn using your in-network lab to allow for insurance coverage.  

We will be evaluating for nutrient deficiencies, inflammatory markers, immune stress, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and overall organ health.  
Bioresonance Scanning
Analyzing down to the DNA level to provide a preventative approach
Blood work can reveal findings that are often unclear in the health puzzle.  As an example, if inflammatory markers are elevated it is unknown what part of the body is dealing with the most inflammation.  

Our bioresonance technology allows us to target where the inflammation is present, why the immune system is stressed, what is the virus affecting, and much more.  

It provides the WHY to abnormal blood results.
Autonomic Response Testing
We don't guess, we test.
Our autonomic response testing [ART] allows us to take the guessing out of healthcare.  We do not recommend cookie cutter protocols.  

Instead, we offer specificity and personalization with any of our recommendations including supplements, diet, detox protocols, and much more. 
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Meet Grace, Your Nutritionist
Our nutritional approach uses Autonomic Response Testing to decipher exactly what type of diet is best for you to achieve your health goals.  

Grace takes a personalized approach by matching your goals, your current lifestyle, and your dietary needs based off of our testing.  
"I was going from nutritionist to nutritionist trying to figure out what to eat and how to get my energy up.  I kept eliminating more and more out of my diet with minimal improvement.  In addition, I ended up with an arsenal of different supplements that I didn't feel like were working.  I was tired of the guessing so I sought out IWG.  I was blown away with their testing and ability to nail down exactly what MY body needed.  Thank you so much for the clarity and helping me to achieve my health goals."

Get Started
Initial Visit
  • Initial Exam: A full health history and review of systems.
  • ​Bioresonance Scan:  A full body scan evaluating down to the DNA level.
  • Nutritional Exam: A full review of current diet and nutritional goals. 
  • Blood Work:  Basic blood work based on your initial consultation.
Follow Up Visit
  • Review of Findings: Review of the findings from the exam and review of any future care
  • Nutritional Plan:  A personalized dietary plan created by our nutritionist.
You Deserve a Better Approach to Healthcare.  It's time for an evolution.
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